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About Studio Lynx

At Studio Lynx we offer high quality retouch and color grading of video material. My goal is to provide all in one-solutions. Meaning you, my client, can send me both stills and video and recieve a uniform result. I'm working in Capture One, Camera RAW, Photoshop CC och DaVinci Resolve. 

+4676 828 50 47


Linnéa Olsson

The person behind Studio Lynx

I'm a freelance retoucher and colorist based in Säffle, Värmland. Working with you based anywhere in the world. Ever since I was a young child I've been climbing on shelves to reach a camera and take photographs. This later turned into me being interested in the post production in my teens. I studied photography in high school and when I graduated applied to Digital imaging specialist at Fotoskolan STHLM.

Digital imaging specialist/retouch graduate

from Fotoskolan STHLM (School of Photography Stockholm).

August 2017 - December 2019.


Why Studio Lynx?

The Name

Lynx's has always been close to home for me. I'm from the small town Karlskoga in the eastern part of Värmland. Our hockey team's mascot has always been a lynx (or bobcat to be very exact) until a couple of years ago. Outside our city library there is a taxadermy of a Lynx. I remember looking at it everytime I came to borrow my favorite books as a kid. The smell of paper and the sound of quiet whispers. Or keeping an extra eye open on every car ride. What if there would be a Lynx standing between the pine trees flashing by my window?

Last but not least - my initials form "Lo", meaning lynx in swedish. 

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